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In Ohio, as many as 19, children are projected to be in the foster care system by this time next year. State leaders are offering a plan that could address the crisis by alleviating some of the financial stress that comes with adoption. Angela Boblitt leads an adoption agency. The electric truck maker that had expressed interest earlier this year in acquiring General Motors' unallocated auto assembly plant in Lordstown has announced that it has purchased the facility.

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The group Ohioans for Gun Safety is making a push to get a popular gun control measure in front of voters. Volunteers for the group spent Election Day at polling sites statewide, asking for signatures to put a new gun control law on the ballot. Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly supported Issue 26 with 64 percent of the vote, replacing the city manager form of government with an elected chief executive.

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Bloom Bakery opened in , offering paid internships, training and jobs to people who had trouble finding them, including those who have been incarcerated or on public assistance. For the first time in several years, an Ohio Department of Transportation panel has voted to move forward on hundreds of millions of dollars in road construction projects, including one in Summit County.

NPR's Scott Horsley weighs in on the comments. To the uninitiated it can be a bit of a shock, but at the end of a weekend road race or triathlon, right next to the bananas and Gatorade, you are increasingly likely these days to find the beer tent.

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Florida has more than a thousand freshwater springs, which provide drinking water, important natural habitat and places for recreation. Copyright NPR. Copyright KPCC. To see more, visit KPCC. Clarke Fellowship Search. Despite Bankruptcy And Illness, Bob Murray Remains A Loud Voice For Coal The man most closely linked to President Trump's push to make coal great again — and the head of the country's largest privately owned coal mining company — is now the latest to reckon with the industry's decline.

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Trending from The House released a transcript of At Lisa Carton's tiny house nestled in the hills of Bennington, there are a whole lot of rainbows. Wood panels painted purple, green, orange, yellow and blue frame Carton's front door. Inside, the main room is cushioned by a multi-hued, kaleidoscopic rug. Out the back door is a shed where, until a recent storm blew it down, a Pride flag flew. Medical marijuana users in Massachusetts are on track to regain access to vaping products next week.

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Michael McCabe says he plans to ask for a recount in the Westfield, Massachusetts, mayoral election after Tuesday's unofficial results put him 97 votes behind Don Humason — out of almost 10, total votes. Kerry Gilpin, the head of the Massachusetts State Police, will be stepping down after exactly two years on the job.

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State police officials said in a release Wednesday that the year veteran of the force — appointed by Gov. Charlie Baker in November to lead the embattled agency as its superintendent and colonel — is retiring, effective Nov. She is 49 years old. Listen Listening Election results are in for the six western Massachusetts cities with a mayoral contest this year.

AAA Northeast is warning drivers to watch out for deer. November is a particularly bad time for deer strikes because fall is mating season for white-tailed deer in New England. In the fall of , only five women had tenure on the faculty at Harvard Law School.

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The previous spring, students had occupied the hall in front of the deans office, in part to protest the lack of diversity on the faculty. There had been a few years of protests building up and demands for faculty diversity, and in particular the appointment of a woman of color, Newman says. There had been a There are precisely stairs from the icy waters of the Barents Sea to the top of the observation post in the far northeast corner of Norway, along the Russian border.

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  8. It's a steep climb, but once you reach the apex, there's a good chance one of the young Norwegian conscripts manning the outpost will have a platter of waffles — topped with strawberry jam and sour cream, a Norwegian favorite — waiting. These waffles were made by Sander Bader, 19, in the observation post where he and other This year saw the largest outbreak of measles in the U.

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    Worldwide, the disease has resurfaced in areas that had been declared measles-free. Some families choosing not to vaccinate argue that measles is just a pesky childhood illness to be endured. But two new studies illustrate how skipping the measles vaccine carries a double risk.

    Not only does it leave a child vulnerable