Courts may grant extensions of time, often 30 days. The Record on Appeal explains possible legal errors that may have kept the defendant from getting a fair trial or sentence. The prosecutor can: 1 agree to the Record; 2 object to parts of the Record; or 3 move to add information to the Record. After receiving the Record, a prosecutor has 21 days to respond in a non-capital case or 35 days in a capital case.

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Once the Record is settled, it must be filed in the proper appellate court. Printed copies are sent to the Attorney General, who represents the State of North Carolina in appellate court. After the Clerk of the Appellate Court mails the printed Record to both parties, the defendant has 30 days 60 days in a capital case to file a brief, which is a written legal argument, in support of the legal errors raised in the Record.

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In an oral argument, attorneys present information to the court verbally. No witnesses testify and no evidence is presented. Each side has 30 minutes to argue, which is strictly limited to the legal errors raised in the Record on Appeal and in the briefs.

If oral argument will be held, it is usually scheduled within several months after the State files its brief. Oral argument is almost always held in the Supreme Court, while oral argument is not held in most Court of Appeals cases. An appellate court may issue its opinion, or decision, in as little as a month or as long as a year or more. Clients with the "Buy Now" setting no longer have to choose a purchase type, all cases are Buy Now.

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Improved Name Search Features Jan. The new criminal name search requires the complete and correct first name and will search for spelling variations of the last name.


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This search exceeds the previous search function as it displays the most probable results at the top of your results set. SAS' expertise in data integration and analytics, as well as strong security controls of the technical environment, application access and authentication, was critical due to the complexity and sensitivity of the data.

One law enforcement agency cross-referenced security video images of an unidentified larceny suspect, who subsequently used a credit card fraudulently. While searching associates of the credit card owner in CJLEADS, investigators found an image that was an exact match with the suspect in the video. The state's Department of Insurance criminal investigations division used CJLEADS to track a fugitive and, discovering the individual was scheduled to appear in a county court, had the person arrested at the appearance, saving a number of investigators several hours of work.

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One officer, questioning occupants of a stopped car, determined that one person being questioned had provided a fictitious name. New online vehicle search capabilities automates a previous manual process to locate vehicles based on partial license plate information. This capability returns potential vehicle matches to officers in a matter of minutes rather than days. Officers have indicated that this is especially helpful in hit-and-run situations.

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North Carolina gets tougher on crime. Weaker budgets, stronger protection With the CJLEADS system, authorized criminal justice professionals can log in to the application through a secure, Web-based interface to perform searches. Challenge Needed a comprehensive view of individuals with prior criminal records, including potentially dangerous offenders.