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According to Mississippi Code , recording fees are as follows: Recording Deeds, leases, amendments, subordinates, liens, deed of trust assignments, modification, orders, decrees, oaths, power of attorney, offshore documents, etc. An instrument must be acknowledged or proved in order to be recorded. If an instrument is not acknowledged or proved but is otherwise admitted to record, all persons shall be on constructive notice of the contents of the instrument.

The grantor must sign the document and have his signature acknowledged. A document should consist of one or more individual pages with printing on one side only. Pages should not be permanently bound or in a continuous form and there should not be any attachments stapled or affixed to any page except as necessary to comply with statutory requirements. Individual pages of a document may, however, be stapled together for presentation for recording. A firmly attached label with a barcode or return address may be attached to a page.

Documents must be printed in a font size of at least 10 point. If the document contains print smaller than 10 point, it should be accompanied by an exact typewritten or printed copy that meets the requirements.

De Soto County Recorder Office - Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records

In order to be recorded, a document must be of sufficient legibility. If it is not sufficiently legible to produce a clear reproduction, it should be accompanied by an exact typewritten or printed copy that meets the requirements. This will be recorded as additional pages.

Use white paper of at least 20 weight. All text within the document must be of sufficiently legibility and clarity.

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Signatures should be in black or dark blue ink and of sufficient color and clarity to ensure that when the document is scanned for record, the signatures are legible. A corresponding name should be typed, printed, or stamped beneath the original signature. The typing or printing of a name or the application of an embossed stamp should not cover or interfere with any part of the document, except where provided by law. Failure to type, print, or stamp corresponding names beneath signatures does not invalidate the document.

On the first page, provide a top margin of at least 3 inches. This space is to be left blank for the recorder's use. Processing may take several weeks by mail. Mississippi vital records, marriage birth and death records can be obtained from the Mississippi Department of Health. They are the managing state agency for vital records in the state of Mississippi. I am searching for divorce record for my mother. She kept no record of this marriage or divorce.

They were married by a Judge Dearman.

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I need this information for her to apply for benefits from VA from her second husband. Typically our Mississippi divorce record database only goes back 50 years. That being said you can contact the Mississippi State Department of Health as they are the managing agency in Mississippi for vital records. These include Mississippi death records, birth records, marriage and divorce records. What do I need to do to get the process started. You can ask the courthouse clerk how to obtain a certified copy of your divorce record. In order to get a certified copy of your Mississippi divorce papers you will want to contact the courthouse clerk where your divorce took place and inquire with them on how to obtain a copy of your MS divorce certificate.

This can sometimes be processed online and mailed to you.

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  7. Processing times vary depending on the relevant court. To order a certified copy of your Mississippi divorce papers, order online through the relevant Mississippi courthouse website or inquire with the court clerk on how to obtain a certified copy of your divorce papers in person, online or through the mail. Hello, I am currently living out of the country and need to obtain a divorce certificate in order to re-marry.

    Is it possible for someone else to collect it on my behalf or should I be the one to do so?

    Franchesca, you will want to contact the courthouse directly where your divorce was filed and processed. Typically, in order to receive an official copy you will need to inquire directly, fill out the relevant divorce record request form and show proof of identification.

    DeSoto County Public Records | Search Mississippi Government Databases

    This can sometimes be handled online, by mail or over the phone. Since you are out of the country you might want to call the Mississippi courthouse clerk and inquire about the best way to receive a copy of your Mississippi divorce certificate.

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    Can you check and see if divorce papers have been filed. You will want to contact the courthouse where your divorce was filed and talk to the courthouse clerk.

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    They can offer you the date of your divorce as well as a copy of your divorce decree for a small fee. Please be aware that the information obtained using SearchQuarry. Data availability is largely dependent on various public sources from which the information is aggregated. By using the services offered through this website you agree to comply with all of the conditions set forth in our terms and privacy disclosure.

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    Records from recent years are all on file, and many records from more than a century ago can be found in many locations throughout the state where they were recorded in recent history. There are several ways to obtain copies, and there are only a few rules regarding who can obtain copies of Mississippi divorce records. Certified copies are only available to the people involved in the divorce, their kids, their parents, or their legal representatives.

    To obtain a copy of a divorce certificate you will need to still visit the courthouse where the divorce was filed and request a copy in person or sometimes you can purchase a Mississippi divorce certificate online. You will need to know the approximate date of the divorce as well as show proper a Mississippi photo ID for verification. Mississippi Divorce Records. Leave Reply - See responses below: Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hello Angela, I do not show any Mississippi divorce records in our database for the names you mentioned.

    Hello Angela, I am happy to assist you with the Mississippi divorce record lookup however we do not handle the divorce filings.

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    Hello Angela, I understand your concern. Janie, We do not show a divorce record for the names you mentioned for the Mississippi counties you mentioned. Certified Mississippi Divorce Papers To order a certified copy of your Mississippi divorce papers, order online through the relevant Mississippi courthouse website or inquire with the court clerk on how to obtain a certified copy of your divorce papers in person, online or through the mail.

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