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Interest rate per day shall be payable on judgments, decrees, and restitution.

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Microfilm copies of any public records, 16mm microfilm, roll of ' or less. Microfilm copies of any public records, 35mm microfilm, roll of ' or less.

Circuit court fee - filing of notice of appeal to higher court includes certified copy of notice of appeal Money Order or Business Check Only. Non-foreclosure cross-claims, counter-claims, third-party claims, counter-petition.

Attorney Fees and Court Costs in Family Law

Proceeding of Attachment, Replevin, Distress additional to main filing fee. Transfer of lien money lien is equal to sum of all applicable fees in this table.

Fee Schedule - Clerk of Courts - Miami-Dade County

Court ordered mediation services provided by a circuit court's mediation program. Issuance of writs with a raised seal Writ of Possession, Writ of Execution, etc. Forms Forms and filing instructions may be purchased in room of the Orange County Courthouse or online from our packets section. Customers may obtain individual forms by visiting www. When filing for paternity at the courthouse, you must first go to Family Court Services in room before p.

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The Self Help Center staff can assist customers with family law cases. Self Help Center services include attorney consultations, form completion assistance and notary and copy services.

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Attorney File Request Form Family. Redaction Attorney Agent Authorization. Vulnerable Adult Brochure - English.


Vulnerable Adult Brochure - Creole. Vulnerable Adult Brochure - Spanish. They may also be accessed and completed through the online forms program TurboCourt. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Jump to subpage All forms must be completed, some by the husband and some by the wife.