Instead, abysmal sales and mismanagement killed WebOS' chances in the mobile platform fight, ending the once-promising Pre line shortly after HP's disastrous purchase of Palm. Check out the new tiny Palm for By the time it came out on shelves, Sprint had lopped off a few words, making it the much more manageable Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

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I'm not sure what would compel a phone company to name devices after popular Latin dances. Unfortunately, the device itself made a few ungraceful moves.

What Are GSM Frequency Bands, ARFCNs And FDMA/TDMA Channels

There's nothing wrong with calling a large-screen phone the LG Optimus Vu or Vu 2 , just so long as your audience instinctively pronounces it "view" instead of "voo. Everything about the name of this phone line was terrible. The apostrophe, the random capitalization, the awkward attempt at pronouncing it without offending your grandma Oh, and it's pronounced "jeez-WUN," if you were curious. That's not a joke; Samsung actually named a phone after emoji. The Samsung : has been haunting us since the texting phone materialized in with its over-the-top alias. And yeah, we called it the "Smiley.

Continuing a particularly disastrous stretch of Samsung product names, the Messager sent ripples of spine-tingling grammatical horror up our spines when it landed Big difference. How desperate do you have to be to shout out the most common phone color there is? Much better. HTC One what? Good phone, with a name that trailed off like You want to call out the candy bar shape and smooth, liquid music qualities? Maybe try "LG Musiq" instead. Another food-themed travesty, Motorola's Citrus was a fairly early Android handset in need of a little zest.

We had to reach wayyy back into the archives for this gem. We still never figured out if " Fusic " was a fusion of "fun" and "music" or something else entirely, but this flip-top phone from was one of the first of its kind for Sprint. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. What's in a phone name anyway?

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LG X Venture.

LG Cosmos 2. LG Lucid 3. LG Shine CU LG Xenon. LG Cosmos 3. LG Lucky. LG Shine II. LG Xpression. LG Cosmos Touch.

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LG Doubleplay. LG Stylo 3. LG Enact. LG Encore.

LG Mach. LG Stylo 4. LG Enlighten. LG Marquee. LG Stylo 4 Plus. Lucid 3 by LG. LG enV Touch. LG Migo. LG Stylo 5. Lucid by LG. LG enV VX LG Motion 4G. LG Sunrise. Spectrum 2 by LG. LG Muziq LX LG Sunset. Spectrum by LG. LG enV2. LG Neon. LG Swift. T-Mobile G-Slate with Google. LG enV3. LG Neon II. LG Terra. T-Mobile G2x. LG Escape.


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